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I painted ‘The View Outside ‘ from the window of our first flat on the top floor of our flat in Camberwell. I learned a lot from this painting. When I began it I was unsure as to whether there was enough of interest there to paint at all – there was no panorama, just a small geranium on the parapet ( we had no garden) and the view of the house opposite. How wrong I was! Over the following days I noticed how the light continually changed everything, softening the brick, casting moving shadows over the old chimneys and picking out steely highlights in the scaffolding. I did many paintings in the end, but kept this one as it reminds me of the stillness of watching and I am taken back to that place when I look at the painting.

The View Outside

  • Image: 522 x 400mm

    Signed and printed with white Border (570 x 430mm)

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