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Ellie's Growl

Frances Lincoln Children's Books

I was fascinated by how my three year old daughter responded when her older brothers read to her. Writing this story myself gave me the chance to work the text with the images that I hoped would inspire the imagination of both reader and child in the same way.

‘Karen Popham is a poet’ The Times Literary Supplement’

‘‘Ellie’s Growl breaks with the depressing tradition of equating the word sibling with rivalry’ The Times

‘The perfect inter-active text with the pictures and the noises they make surprising me and themselves… my two boys have made it their own as well’ Jane G, Amazon testimonial (5*)


‘Ellie likes it best of all when her big brother William reads animal stories because he makes wonderful animal noises… he can make the sound sea lions make when they challenge each other… or whinny like zebras jumping and croak like courting toads…’


‘He could even sing like the Great Blue whale!’

‘When the tiger prowls… William growls!'


‘Next morning, while she is cleaning her teeth…’


Ellie gets a little carried away, growling at the dog, a little boy and a cow! Finally ‘at bath time Ellie growls at William. William gets cross.’


‘Ellie growls!
Ellie likes growling…’


‘Ellie growls at the kitten. But the kitten… growls back! Ellie cries’ but the kitten comes and begins to purr.'

‘William reads them both a story’


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