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The Giant
The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Written by longterm collaborator, Sandra Horn.

The Cluckett Press

The Giant was inspired by a well known and much loved sculpture at Heligan. Sandra and I worked closely with their team to create a companion for those exploring the garden itself, using the character and story of the Giant to convey something of the wonderful atmosphere there. Some original artwork is available from this book.


The Giant was a miner in a Cornish tin mine. When it closed, he dug his way up from Mevagissey into the Lost gardens of Heligan.

‘“What’s that gurt lump in me flower bed?”’


‘The giant popped up in a big glass box full of spiky plants with luscious golden fruits’

‘When he put his head out again, he was surrounded by vegetables…”Begone afore I skat ‘ee, crow!”’


‘“Quack! Peck! Choosy! Peck!” they cackled’

‘He lay down and went roley-poley-poles all the way to the bottom of the garden’


‘When he got up, his head was swimmy “I needs a sit-down … Ow! Ow! My backside’s afire!”’

‘Someone was sleeping among the ferns. She smiled in her sleep as the giant came by… At the edge of the wood, he came up through a patch of primroses. ‘I’ll just hide me time here until she wakes up’

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