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Original Art

All of these works are signed and

For Sale unless clearly stated.

If a particular painting is of interest, please do feel free to click Enquire to discuss any practicalities directly such as framing and delivery arrangements - the Price Band gives a guide price figure which may vary depending on these arrangements. I am always more than happy to chat about them!


I always use top quality materials from the surface to the finish because I believe that respecting and enjoying one’s materials is fundamental to the whole process - many are mounted or framed, this is indicated..

This diverse collection, here presented in six categories depending on the subject, represents all corners of my artistic interest, using a variety of media, from oils to aquarelle, charcoal to pen and ink. Some drawings are studies, or sketches for larger works, particularly interesting in their own right; others are illustrations from, or supporting the children’s books that I have had published. 

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